All businesses create, store, use  and share information – offline or online. Businesses that fail to properly manage information pay a significant price in lost productivity, waste of time and money, lost opportunities and other costs associated with poor information management. We help businesses manage information in all formats including web, paper, electronic documents, video, cloud, etc.

If it has to do with information – OFFLINE or ONLINE – we can help your business do a better job, save time and money.

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Small Business Services


No website? We can build one for your small or mid-sized business. Professional quality and affordable rates. Learn more.

Need help writing or editing your web pages? We have professionals that can research, write and edit your web pages. You get the same professional quality writing and presentation of your products and services as the big firms. Learn more.

Need a website built in a hurry? We can build a fully functional website in as little as one day, so you can meet that deadline for a meeting, presentation, etc. Learn more.

Need help maintaining your website? Whether we built it or not, we can update and maintain your small business website to keep it current. Learn more.

Want to lower the cost of maintaining your website? If your website was built with expensive-to-maintain software, we can convert it to a more efficient and less expensive software that lowers your monthly costs. Learn more.

Not ready or can’t afford a website? We can list your business, promotions and deals in Afrometro and other business listing sites. Prices range from $100 to Free! Learn more.

Promotional videos: We can photograph and videotape your business, event, project, etc. and publish it online. Here is an example of our work. We have ALL the equipment and trained staff needed to get the job done from start to finish.

Medium to Large Business Services


Unhappy with how your business records and information are managed? Here’s how we can help:

  • Assess the way your employees create, store, use, share and dispose information and identify areas for improvement. Learn more.
  • Legal research to find and list record-keeping requirements applicable to your business. The list will be prepared as an easy to follow matrix indicating laws, court rulings and regulations specifying how long various types of records must be kept before they are destroyed. Learn more.
  • Recommend improvements to your records & information management policies, practices, technology and other necessary items. Learn more.
  • Develop legally defensible policies and procedures for managing business records & information within a specific office (or offices), country (or countries).
  • Implement an efficient and cost-effective system for managing business records throughout the entire lifecycle (from the creation /receipt of a record /document to its final disposition).
  • Train employees so they are equipped to run the program and invested in its long term success. Learn more.

Embarrassed by your business website or the lack of a website? We build, update and maintain large business websites – up to tens of thousands of pages. We are one of the top firms worldwide with the expertise to plan, direct and execute all phases of large website development. Learn more.

Trapped in a website that is difficult and/or expensive to maintain? We can rebuild or convert your website from inefficient / costly proprietary software to easy-to-maintain and cost effective software. Learn more.

Want your staff to maintain your site? We can maintain your website. We can also train your employees to maintain your business website. This can save money and transfers valuable knowledge to your staff.

Towns, Countries & Governments


Web development for towns, countries and governments: We plan, direct and execute all phases of web development for a large businesses, towns and government units. Learn more.

Website maintenance: Whether we built it or not, we can maintain a government, town or country website. Learn more.

Records and Information Management: Learn more.

Freedom of Information Law (FOI) Compliance: If your town or government entity is required to provide information to the public pursuant to FOI, we can help identify, classify, securely store and produce the requested information in an efficient and cost-productive way.

Tourism Promotion: We develop tourism promotion websites for towns, states and countries.

Business, trade and investment promotion: We showcase trade and investment potentials / incentives in towns, states and countries.

Public Services Showcase: We showcase and promote public services available to residents and visitors in towns, states and countries.

Free Information Services: We provide free information that may be useful to individuals, businesses, towns and countries including business listings, events, investment opportunities, career opportunities, free services, etc. Learn more.