Records Management

EON-services-RIM_03The volume of records and information in the workplace is constantly growing and needs to be managed. How should businesses manage this growing volume of information in a way that lets workers find what they need to do their work while reducing waste of time (searching and recreating misplaced or lost records), legal risks, costs and fines for the mishandling of information?

We help businesses tackle this challenge. Our services include:

  • Assessment of the current records and information management practices within a business.
  • Legal research to identify record-keeping laws and regulations that may affect a business and help ensure compliance.
  • Development of legally defensible policies and procedures for managing business records & information.
  • Implementation of an efficient, orderly and cost-effective system for managing business records & information.
  • Training and change management to help employees adapt to better ways of managing information.

Our professionals have extensive experience helping small and large businesses manage information in all formats including web, paper, electronic documents, video, etc. If it has to do with information, chances are we can help your business to do a better job, save time and money.