RIM Assessment

Assessing a company’s existing records and information management (RIM) program is usually the first part of our work and the basis for detailed recommendations. In this phase, we develop a thorough understanding of the existing information management environment. We use a variety of data gathering tools including individual and group interviews, document requests and surveys (online and offline). The tools and processes used in this phase are employed only after approval by the client.

Activities undertaken in this phase may include:

  • Review and assess current state of existing information management program, policies, practices and systems, and their effectiveness.  This includes a high level analysis of how the business currently creates, distributes and stores information, including electronic documents and hard copies.
  • Interview relevant personnel/departments to identify business processes and information management infrastructure.
  • Review, identify and prioritize relevant areas of risk, cost management and productivity improvement associated with the existing or proposed information management program.
  • Address how well the business has incorporated record-keeping processes into a system of governance, business process and technology.
  • Assess how the current information management system is measured against RIM best practices.
  • Assess the readiness for change within the business.