Large Business Websites

Large websites (hundreds or thousands of pages of text, photos and videos) present challenges that most web developers are not equipped to handle. This is because large websites require information management skills in addition to web design and construction skills.

Information Management for Large Websites

Before building a website, information must be collected, grouped, described and (in most cases) edited. In large website projects, this task can present a formidable challenge. A business will usually assign this task to one or more employees but if such employees lack the time or skills needed to do a good job, this leads to mistakes and delays. Most web developers lack the information gathering and management skills needed to get the job done.

EON Group is uniquely qualified to handle this  important task because we combine world class information management expertise with web development expertise, making us one of the few firms that have this capability and can leverage it to execute very large website projects on time and within budget.

Our services for large website include:

A. Information Collection and Management

  • Assess the volume and types of information to be collected, created and edited for web publishing.
  • Develop a detailed information gathering work plan and assign responsibilities.
  • Schedule information gathering tasks and follow up activities.
  • Collect the information needed including hard copies, electronic documents, photos and video clips. In some cases, our staff can assist the client to take pictures, record videos and collect other needed materials. We have the equipment and trained personnel to enable us do this.
  • Review collected materials for completeness and quality. If necessary materials are missing, take steps to collect or supplement the missing materials.
  • Edit materials for web publishing.
  • Tag and map materials to their corresponding web pages.
  • Tag and map materials that require internal and external links.

B. Web Design and Construction

Once we have gathered and grouped the necessary information, we design and build the site. In some cases, we begin by creating three versions of the site main page. Upon approval of the strongest design concept, we proceed to develop a consistent look for page headings, sidebars, footers, photos and video galleries (if needed). Then we proceed to add content to the site.

C. Unlimited Domain E-mail

We can create unlimited email addresses using your website domain name such as evelyn.king@[yourdomain].com). Using your own website’s domain email conveys a more professional appearance compared to generic email addresses such as, or

D. Website Maintenance

Whether we built it or not, we can update and maintain your website to keep the content (text, photos, links, videos) current and to keep the software up to date with the latest security and performance features. Learn more.

E. Staff Training & Knowledge Transfer

If you would like your staff to maintain some or all aspects of your website, we can train them to do so by preparing the training material and/or conducting the training in person. Training your staff can also mean transfer knowledge of website maintenance to your staff, depending on the extent of the training.

F. Other features and Enhancements

Depending on client needs and preferences, we can incorporate additional features and enhancements including eCommerce integration to facilitate buying and selling on the website (optional), video and photo galleries, calendar/event sections, a blog for facilitating community discussions, etc.