Web Page Writing Assistance

“I paid a web developer the full amount to build my website two years ago, but I’ve not had time to send the information he needs for the website. He keeps calling me every other day to know when I will send him the information.”  – Owner of a popular restaurant in Maryland USA.

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We hear comments like the one above all the time – businesses that need a website but don’t have the skills or time to develop the information needed for their website. And on the other hand, web developers who do not have the skills or time to help businesses develop website content.

This situation leads to website projects that take much longer to complete and web pages that are not well presented to capture the interest of potential customers.

If you need help writing or editing your business web pages, we can help you.

Why are we able to help?

We have highly trained staff with world class writing skills ready to research, write and edit website content for clients that need help. All you need to do is provide us with as much information as you can about your business. We will use the information you provide to research and draft materials for your website including web pages, captions, photos and videos.

We have provided this service to dozens of clients worldwide. Most of these clients liked our draft so much that they approved it with absolutely no changes. This service saves our clients tremendous stress, time and money in addition to making their website look professional and respectable.


Note: There may be a fee for this service but our rates are very reasonable and negotiable.