Website Cost Control

Many web developers use proprietary software to lock their customers into using their own privately developed and secretly coded software. Proprietary website software is almost never updated as often as open source software which is built and updated regularly by engineers from around the world working together as volunteers. If your website developer uses proprietary software, you will end up paying more for your website in the long run even though improvements and upgrades lag behind.

Signs that your website was built with proprietary software include:

  • You are charged monthly fees indefinitely for proprietary software licensing. Sometimes the web developer will mislabeled this fee as “monthly fee”.
  • The website software is not updated regularly – sometimes updates are less than once a year. By contrast, open source software is typically updated and upgraded several times a year as new security and productivity features are launched to keep the software and your website in top shape.
  • Since no one other than the developer can change the software code, you’re forced to engage the developer’s services whenever you want to major changes to your site.
  • Some proprietary software developers will also try to frustrate your efforts directly or indirectly if you decide to take your business elsewhere by limiting or denying access to the system for migration purposes.
  • Even when they let you go, you might be facing additional charges to convert your website to open source format. You could find yourself trapped into continuing to make monthly payments indefinitely or paying to convert sooner or later.

In essence, you are handcuffed to the developer’s software.

Let us help remove the handcuff

We can determine if your website was built with proprietary software.

If it is, we can review the web development contract, if any, and discuss possible ways forward.

In most cases, we can help you to migrate, convert or upgrade your site to open source software which is GUARANTEED to be cheaper, easier-to-maintain and could save your business thousands of dollars.

All our client sites are built with open source software, which means that the website owner is in control. If a client does not like our services, that client can take its domain name, web hosting and website data to another provider without any problem. We believe that giving clients the best value for their money rather than preventing them from leaving is the best way to keep their business – short term and long term.